Tacx Galaxia Rollers


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Ideal for honing your coordination and riding technique, you'll find yourself relying on the Galaxia for your warmup and cool-down sessions before a race meet, long distance ride or even as a means of getting some time on the saddle without the need to leave the house. Designed with the patented swing system, the feel of roller riding has taken a big step forward and will let you focus more on perfecting your cycling technique rather than staying upright.

. Heavy duty tapered rollers, stabilised ride
. Swing system
. Stand-alone training
. Collapsible to 80cm
. Easy to carry and transport

Swing system

Due to the kinetic energy that is created during accelerating, the trainer moves forward. When slowing down, the trainer moves backward again. At first sight this system on the Galaxia looks slightly wobbly, but it has the opposite effect. This invention by Tacx enables the rider to actually stay on the rollers more easily. This invention is so unique that is has been patented by Tacx.

The Galaxia works better than comparable rollers that have the trainer moving forward via elastomers, thereby providing an unnatural feeling when slowing down. The new roller of Tacx is designed to give the rider additional freedom of movement. According to John Zwinkels, the creator who based his idea on physics, this is where the power of the Galaxia lies. Using three examples, he explains why the Galaxia is so exceptional.

1. Outdoors on the road there are three variables: the movement of the rider, the movement of the bicycle, and the stationary surface of the road. With a jump, the rider moves and the bicycle accelerates forward. The bicycle wheels rotate faster because of the stationary road. However, the forward jolt is absorbed by the freedom of movement of the bicycle with regard to the rear wheel and the pavement.

2. With standard rollers the three variables are: the movement of the rider, the stationary bicycle, and the stationary roller. The rider must remain seated to allow the wheels to properly roll on the rollers; the rider must pedal smoothly. The rider immediately senses the forward jolt on the saddle if they do not pedal smoothly, and there is the risk of the bicycle derailing.

3. The three variables with the Galaxia are: the moving rider, the moving bicycle and the moving roller. With this the jolt is absorbed by the forward freedom of movement of the bicycle and the forward moving roller. This combination of freedoms of movement of the bicycle and the roller closely approximate the sensation of outdoor cycling. This is all due to the unique swing system of the Galaxia.