The premium latex inner tube for cyclists who require the best performances in race.

Latex tubes are light, subtle and they generate low friction between the tyre. All these characteristics work together in reducing rolling resistance.


Light and suble
Performance inner tube
Reduce rollingresistance


Size Width Valve Type Core Valve Length Weight
622/700 19-23 Presta / French RVC 48 75g
622/700 25-28 Presta / French RVC 48 85g
622/700 30-38 Presta / French RVC 48 105g
26 1.70-2.30 Presta / French RVC 48 135g
29 1.70-2.30 Presta / French RVC 48 145g

Excellent Tubes

By: on 3 May 2020
I was skeptical about the claims of latex tubes. Now, having used them for a while and tried four different brands I can say that these are the benchmark. A good balance between light weight and robustness with all the increased puncture resistance and decreased rolling resistance that latex is known for. It would be nice if they are a bit cheaper but, hey the really do make a difference. A much more supple ride than butyl tubes; not quite as good as tubeless but not far off. Don't put them in your commuter bike but for pure pleasure riding they are brilliant.

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