Built for endurance and performance on the road, the Vittoria road inner tube is crafted from latex for a durable lightweight construction.

The racing inner tube is available in two variant sizes (19-24mm and 25-28mm) and has a valve length of 51mm. – L.R.


Durable lightweight latex construction built for road performance

Ideal for racing and sportive


Weight: 85g (manufacturer claimed)

Vittoria Latex Road Inner Tube - Presta 48mm

Sizes: 19-24mm, 25-28mm

Excellent Tubes

By: on 3 May 2020
I was skeptical about the claims of latex tubes. Now, having used them for a while and tried four different brands I can say that these are the benchmark. A good balance between light weight and robustness with all the increased puncture resistance and decreased rolling resistance that latex is known for. It would be nice if they are a bit cheaper but, hey the really do make a difference. A much more supple ride than butyl tubes; not quite as good as tubeless but not far off. Don't put them in your commuter bike but for pure pleasure riding they are brilliant.

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