The Effetto Mariposa Carbocut Hacksaw Blades are replacement blades, sold as a pack of 5. 

These tungsten carbide grit edge blades are the best way to cut hard metals (eg ceramics, steel, titanium) and carbon composites tubes and parts. Fits the Effetto Mariposa Carbocut Hacksaw as well as any 10" hacksaw frame.


WC Grit Edge Blades - Metallurgically bonded tungsten carbide (chemical formula WC) grit on a toothless metal blade is perfect for cutting hard metals or carbon composite.

Composite-Friendly - Cuts faster, with a better finish and no fiber damage. Gritted blades have thousands of cutting edges and cut with a ‘grinding’ action rather than the aggressive ‘ripping’ action of toothed blades, reducing the risk of debonding fibers from the matrix. The edge of a carbon tube cut with a Carbocut blade is smooth and without sharp or uneven edges, saving the sand-paper time.

Very Stable Cutting Action - Grit edge means 'toothless' and cuts both on push and pull stroke, providing more control and less vibrations. Being 19mm (3/4”) tall, the blade itself is an additional guide for straight cuts. Spacers or washers might be needed to use the WC blade with some cut jigs, due to the slightly wider cut-width (1.6mm instead of 0.9mm of a standard blade).

What it Cuts - Composites, hard metals (hardened steel, cast iron, titanium) ceramic and masonry. NB: Softer materials like wood, plastics or aluminum are more easily cut with standard toothed blades.

Durable Blade - WC blades greatly outlive by ten times any standard metal toothed blade.


Blade: Tungstem carbide grit edge toothless blade.

Pack: 5x blades.

Size: Length 254mm or 10″ length. Height 19mm or 3/4" height Cut width 1.6mm.

Recommended Use: Carbon composites and hard metals (hardened steel, cast iron, titanium) ceramic and masonry.

Compatibility: Mounts on the Effetto Mariposa Carbocut Hacksaw or on any 10" hacksaw frame.

Made in Italy.

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