Fixx Nutrition CrampFix Squeeze Bottle Lemon 50mL


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Effective Cramp Management
Sick of training sessions being cut short because of cramps? Want some insurance for race day, to make sure nothing stops you from putting out your best effort? Fixx Nutrition has the best solution available to keep you going the entire distance. Made in Australia, their CrampFix 50mL Squeeze Bottles are the perfect compact package to bring with you on your rides, runs, and swims to prevent and relieve muscle cramps and tightness. Gluten-free, vegan, and 100% natural, Fixx Nutrition's proprietary blend works effectively within 1-2 minutes to alleviate cramps and tightness.

Suggested Usage
There are three main usages for the CrampFix formulation. Use it preventively by drinking a serve 5 minutes before exercise, for relief by drinking a serve at the first signs of cramping for rapid relief, and use it for recovery by drinking after exercise to prevent post-exercise cramps and tightness. Each 50mL Squeeze Bottle contains 3-5 serves.
. Relieve cramps quickly . 50mL flip-top lid squeeze bottle - Lemon flavour . 3-5 serves per bottle . 100% natural ingredients . Gluten-free . Vegan-friendly . Caffeine-free . Informed Sport accredited . Made to HACCP quality standards . Made in Australia (Queensland) . Useful before, during & after sustained strenuous exercise Specifications . Product: Fixx Nutrition CrampFix Squeeze Bottle 50mL . Flavour: Lemon . Serving: 3-5 serves per 50mL bottle . Ingredients: Water, Vinegar, Sugar, Salt, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium Chloride, Natural Flavour