Drop bar or flat bar, dirt or pavement, Apex 1 is ready to answer the call of the road with hydraulic disc brakes and the simple, quiet, easy to use, and very secure drivetrain — SRAM 1x. Apex 1 achieves each of these superlatives while delivering artful design at an unrivalled value. 

The secret to great fun on any ride is confident and secure braking. Letting it rip where you want, knowing that you can stop when you want. Enter Apex 1 Hydror. Using SRAM's proven Hydror braking system, Apex 1 delivers quiet confidence on every ride. 


Right Shift/Brake Lever with rear disc brake.

SRAM Road ExactActuation 11-speed compatible.

Uses DOT 5.1 brake fluid.

Lever body design offers excellent finger wrap, comfort and control.

Easily converts between 160mm and 140mm rotors with adaptor brackets.

Forged aluminum disc caliper with steel-backed organic pads and steel hardware.

Two piston hydraulic caliper.


Double Tap - What It Is: DoubleTap® is the flagship technology leading SRAM’s road gruppo revolution. It’s a simple yet elegant and advanced system that addresses issues - Without compromising on performance, comfort, and weight - with a revolutionary shift/brake lever design. 

What It Does: DoubleTap® makes changing gears easier and faster, eliminating the cumbersome and awkward engagement associated with two-lever systems. DoubleTap handles up- and downshifts in one short, sweeping motion, with minimal effort and maximum comfort no matter where you are on the bars. 

How It Works: DoubleTap® uses two pawls, one for holding the ratchet wheel, and one for transporting it up and down through the gear change. The pawls are arranged in a way so that they can leapfrog each other depending on how far, and with how much pressure, you push the shift lever. With short, rapid taps the transport pawl (04) moves the ratchet wheel (02) up through the shifting range. Downshifting comes via a longer sweep of the lever (in the same inward direction you upshift, but to an ergonomically maximized 15° angle) with the holding pawl (03) and the transport pawl leapfrogging each other quickly and smoothly. 

Location, Location, Location: DoubleTap’s one-motion unidirectional levers (05) work flawlessly no matter what position you’re shifting from. Its double-articulated design (01), which is completely separate from the brake pivot, is easily engaged from the hoods or the drops. 

Unlike all other forward controls, DoubleTap® also lets you pull the shift lever in against the bars so you can upshift while sprinting or attacking without giving up a firm grip. 

Divide and Conquer: On DoubleTap® controls, the brake and shift levers are completely independent, each operating with their own pivot points. This not only allows for the multiposition functionality, it also eliminates the risk of engaging brakes or shifters unintentionally - an unfortunate side effect of other shift/brake lever designs. 

What It Means To You: The efficient and ergonomic design reduces weight and eliminates bulk while adding comfort. You can shift from any position on the bars, even while sprinting, giving you a critical advantage over your competition, and their new single-lever mechanism also lets you shift faster, easier, and with more accuracy, without risk of scrubbing speed or losing your grip. DoubleTap® is the cornerstone of SRAM’s assault on road biking. It’s a new way of shifting - and a new way of thinking - that will put you ahead of the competition, no matter where you find it. 

Reach Adjust - Brake lever fit and feel is a personal thing. Riders have individual positioning preferences, as well as unique hand sizes and finger lengths. Reach Adjust makes it easy to adjust your lever for maximum one-finger control for everyone. 
DOT 5.1 - Heat is an enemy of any brake system, so advancements in heat management, mean advancements in your ride. You see, SRAM found that in their systems DOT 5.1 takes almost 3 times longer to boil than DOT 4, thus allowing flawless fade-free performance in even more extreme conditions. 

Exact Actuation - When they launched their road technology from scratch they reapplied their MTB proven SRAM 1:1 actuation ratio (shifter cable travel : derailleur movement) for 10 speed rear shifting. EA helps to simplify/stabilize the uneasy act of balancing rear derailleur hanger design, tight cog spacing and exact cable tension. The result: the easiest index shifting system to set up and it stays that way.

Left/950mm - Rear Shift/Front Brake

Material: Brake lever: aluminum, brake caliper: aluminum, hardware: steel

Weight: approx. 344 gram (manufacturer's specs)

Fitting for FW/RW: VR

Disc: brake disc not included in delivery!

Brake caliper: front, Post Mount

Braking pads: organic

Brake hose: 950 mm

Brake lever: right

Brake fluid: DOT 5.1

Right/1800mm - Rear Shift/Rear Brake

Material: Brake lever:aluminum, brake caliper: aluminum, hardware: steel

Weight: approx. 344 gram (manufacturer's specs)

Fitting for FW/RW: HR

Disc: brake disc not included in delivery!

Brake caliper: rear, Post Mount

Braking pads: organic

Brake hose: 1800 mm

Brake lever: right

Brake fluid: DOT 5.1

What's in the Box?

Apex 1 DoubleTap hydraulic brake / shift lever, brake hose 950mm/1800 mm, rear brake caliper

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