The SRAM Level Ultimate is the master of two forces — power and weight — in one sleek, durable design.

In this brake build, the engineers have took every gram to task. Carbon-fiber lever blades for crisp, clean pulls thanks to pivot bearings and the DirectLink design. Additionally it features a two-piece, two-piston caliper for superior heat management and smooth piston actuation. With Ultimate, total control is at your fingertips. And the BLEEDING EDGE design significantly simplifies fluid maintenance.


Bleeding Edge - Bleed porting and fluid path make it easier to push fluid through the caliper for quick and easy bleeding; dedicated bleed adapter for the S4 caliper plugs into the bleed port and seals the system to minimize air contamination and fluid loss.

DirectLink - SRAMs DirectLink lever design takes care for a solid, positive feeling, as soon as the lever gets pulled - a non-compromizing solution for precise controle.

DOT 5.1 - Heat is the enemy of every braking system. A better heat-management gives you a significantly safer ride. SRAM has found out, that DOT 5.1 needs three times longer than DOT 4 to reach its boiling point. This ensures safe and never fading brake power even under extreme conditions.

Expandable Bladder - SRAMs lever design contains a bladder, wich regulates and deminishes bubbles. It is shaped to drain air from the lever and transport the fluid exactly to where it is needed. As aresult, an enhanced counter-pressure discharge is reached to grant reliable and constant braking performance.

Heat Shield - The stainless steel heat shield breaks the thermal connection between the pad and caliper body, reducing caliper fluid temperature by about 20°C even in the most extreme testing conditions.

Lever Pivot Bearings - Sealed bearings at the pivot ensure clean, precise lever-movement and enable lever actuation with a single digit.

Compatibility with MatchMaker and MMX - With Matchmaker you save weight and space at the handlebar. Matchmaker takes Avid-brakelevers, SRAM®-triggers and various RockShox controls in form of a light and tidy clamp - this way the dream of space-savers worldwide came true. The system is available in two versions: Matchmaker X gives room for RockShox Xloc and is compatible with XX- and XO brakes. The conventional Matchmaker works with any split clamp and RockShox PushLoc system.

PiggyBack Reservoir - SRAMs current lever design is directed towards maximum performance and easy handling. The piggy-back design offers an easy and safe solution to control braking fluid and enables mounting on either side. You can swap levers to ride your bike moto-style.

Timing Port Closure - The timing port of a hydraulic brake connects the reservoir with the main actuating cylinder. While pressing the lever, a cup seal passes the segment and locks the bore, which sets the system under pressure. SRAMs TPC Plus system has resistive seals and an ultrasmooth cylinder surface for reliable and constant braking performance.


Material caliper and brake body: aluminium
lever: carbon
hardware: Titanium
Disc optionally: 2-piece CenterLine X; 140, 160, 180 mm (not included)
Brake caliper Postmount
Brake pads Aluminum-backed organic
Brake hose 950 mm (front), 2000mm (rear)
Brake lever Carbon
Included in delivery Bleeded brake consisting of caliper, hose, brake body, Titanium hardware, organic pads without Bleeding Edge bleed adapter, without rotor
Brake fluid DOT 5.1

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