SRAM Rival 1 X-Sync Chainrings

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X-Sync - SRAM X-Sync 1x chain rings provide the highest level of performance and durability. The SRAM X-Sync tall square teeth edges engage the chain earlier than traditional triangle shaped teeth. The sharp and narrow tooth profile, as well as rounded chamfer edges, help manage a deflected chain. To provide the best possible performance in muddy conditions, the X-Sync chain rings have been designed with mud-clearing recesses for the inner chain links and rollers. Engineered in Germany, X-Sync rings are an integral part of the SRAM 1x drivetrain.


SRAM X-Sync 1x chainrings provide the highest level of performance and durability.

SRAM X-Syncwide-tooth, narrow-tooth chainring technology provides maximum chain control, crucial in 'cross.

The sharp and narrow tooth profile as well as rounded chamfer edges help manage a deflected chain.

Designed by SRAM in Germany, X-Syncrings are an integral part of the SRAM 1x drivetrain.

Weight: 90g (42T).


Weight: 38t-72g, 40t-85g, 42t-90g, 44t-99g, 46t-112g, 48t-131g, 50t-147g

Material: Machined

Finish: Blast Black

Compatibility: SRAM 11 And 10-speed Chains, 38-50t:110 Bcd

Ratios: 38t-110 BCD, 40t-110 BCD, 42t-110 BCD, 44t-110 BCD, 46t-110 BCD, 48t-110 BCD, 50t-110BCD

Recommended Group: SRAM Rival 1



"SRAMs 1x Revolution Reaches the Road" View Article

by Calvin Rowaan, The Wannabe Racer, April 22, 2015

SRAM Rival 1 & Zipp Tangente Speed "Best Cycling Components 2015/16"

SRAM Rival 1:

"SRAM's Rival 1 groupset offers shifting simplicity, a usable range of gears, powerful disc brakes and secure chain retention. It has no direct rival from Shimano or Campagnolo, although home-brewed single-ring drivetrains have been popular in some areas of cycling for a few years now, but SRAM brings plenty of technology to the table that makes it easy to ditch the front mech and go 1x11. It's not for everyone, but there are many cyclists and applications that this new groupset would be ideal for."

Zipp Tangente Speed 25mm:

"Zipp doesn't just makes wheels, it also produces tyres. It updated its offerings in 2015 and the Tangente Speed, a race-day tyres with 25mm version weighing just 196g, providing a very responsive and fast rolling performance, ideal for racing and Sunday best bikes." View Article

by David Arthur,, January 15, 2016

SRAM Rival 1 HRD "I can truly recommend it to anyone..."

Greg Radziwonowski (Bike/Tour, Poland) has tested our SRAM Rival 1 HRD groupset over 1,000km and under tough conditions. Greg who rides 1x and Disc brakes on his MTB bikes for many years, loves 1x and Disc brakes for road and off road applications.

"My Trek Crockett went through snow, mud, rain and over dry roads. It was showered with pressure washer, like after local cx race. When I think about those 1000km in such severe conditions, I am surprised it didn't fail, not even once. I've never dropped a chain."View Article

by Greg Radziwonowski , Bike/Tour Poland, February 21, 2016